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Saturday, January 23, 2010
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To all my customers,

I'm very very sorry for not replying fast in your messages through emails, updating my blogshop or replying enquiries because I'm very busy with my schooling. ): I have no time checking them. I just want to tell you that my site is temporary closed for now, and rest assured, I will not MIA! ): So totally sorry. Meanwhile, you can still reach me through SMS, 90048198. :D I will get back to business when I get free time. :) Thank you :)

Hey shoppers!
Miko here, and i'm MAD about blogshopping! :)
Rest assured, I'm not a scammer. :D Be warned that Ladyboss is a little blur!
Mail if you have any doubts or questions, or sms 90048198 for faster replies. :D

All the pretty things sold here are under the navigations, check them out!
& please take a look at my plushie blogshop,, thank you! :]
Yeahyeah, I might sound naggy, but PLEASE read my T&C before you order! Cuz you might never know, you might never heard of my T&C's before. :D
My bank account is POSB- SAVINGS 096-26375-9. :D

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I do meetups when i'm free @ MRT Stations only.

Ahem, 50 cents for every 10 minutes LATE.

I only do meetups at ChuaChuKang MRT, Yewtee MRT, BukitGombak MRT, Outside Regent Secondary, all FOC. :)

For meetups at other places is only available during school holidays.
If you live too far, you may want to opt for postage.
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